An Infrastructural Landscape – photozine download

infra-zine-1An Infrastructural Landscape

An Infrastructural Landscape is a collection of images taken over the last 10 years that show the quotidian nature of the objects that sustain our mobility, energy, communication and hydration. They illustrate the ubiquity, yet totality, of the manufactured landscape of the UK. Objects and scenes that are part of our visual register, yet rarely registered. At a moment of transition – from analogue to digital; from carbon to carbon neutral; from diesel to electric – when coal fired power stations are demolished, nuclear decommissioned and the hard wired telephone network is dismantled, this collection reminds us of the last wave of modernisation in the post-war period and seeks to presence infrastructure that is often invisible.

This file was published as a limited edition hard copy ‘zine by The Modernist Society in 2019. An Infrastructural Landscape II is out now via the shop and in two weeks online.

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